Best tempered glass protectors for iPhones

iphone tempered glass

The best-tempered glass protector must have the right qualities for the best protection and fit for your iPhones. It should have the qualities that any other tampered glass cannot achieve. Qualities such as amazing looks, to know how well it fits with the screen and if the screen makes it more visually attractive. Smoothness, if the screen is silky soft to swipe and to touch. Durability or thickness of the glass protector.

Sensitivity, even if the screen is thick. Protection, if it can protect the screen of the gadget and if it can also protect our eyes as well. Lastly, the affordability or its price range. This product claims that they can achieve the title and yes, I think they can!

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The smoothness when you touch the tampered glass screen is excellent and its “5 times enhanced anti-fingerprint” really hits its mark. Once you’ve touched it, the feeling is as if it just came out from the box. The smoothness of the screen gives a great feeling when being swiped especially when people always use it. No fingerprints, no dents, even after days of using the mobile, that’s why it will also be a good protector for people who play a lot of games or uses their phones frequently.

It protects the phone from damages and it fits well with the screen. Imagine using your phone with the protector while eating with your bare hands but still needs to use it because someone texted or you need to play a game. You’ll not have any problem breaking the screen after cleaning it or having smudges or fingerprints leaving in your screens. It is comfortable to use because of its smoothness in the fingertips and it doesn’t leave a mark.

Courtesy of AliExpress

Durability is also a key to be a great glass protector and this product has it. Aside from being an anti-fingerprint screen, this product is not as fragile as the normal tampered protector screens that we know. Its coating is hard and not easy to get broken, one of the reasons why it can protect your screens better. And even having a thick layer, it is still very sensitive with the features of the phone. For example, the facial recognition application of the iPhone can still recognize easily even with a hard and thick layer.

To be the best screen protector it should also protect our health not just the gadget itself. And that’s what we can expect with 500D Curved Edge Glass Protector. It has a feature that protects our eyes from being too exposed to our gadgets. For people who depend on and always use their phones for their day-to-day lives, it will really help protect our eyes from the radiation from our gadgets. The blurriness in our eyes and headaches that sometimes we get, because of staying too long with our phones will be lessened because of this feature.

The whole package of good qualities can be seen in the 500D Curved Edge but how about the price. Is it affordable? The answer would be, yes! For only $0.01, you can achieve the best-tampered glass for iPhone mobiles. From $1.39- $1.99 to a big dive price of $0.01 because of the holiday season. It is affordable while having a great quality, and I say it is a great buy for a very small price. It comes with different types of screens from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 Pro Max. And also has an availability of 2 colors, white and black. Using the AliExpress Shopping site you can also get a free coupon for $3 for a limited time only. It assures us that our iPhones are protected but still at a very reasonable price.

The consumer’s feedback who’ve bought the 500D Curved Edge were all positive. Their comments were how they loved the smoothness and silkiness when they touch the screen, the soft edges and how it doesn’t leave a mark of fingerprints. Others were how good it fits their phone, and how it saves their screen phones when they’ve accidentally dropped the phone to a concrete floor. And some, how practical and reasonable the price is for a great product like this one. This gives proof that 500D Curved Edge’s is the best glass tampered protector for iPhones. These testimonies and feedback are from a consumer who bought and used them for their phones.

My final thought in this product would be 500D Curved Edge Glass Protector is a great buy. It has the qualities to be the best-tampered glass protector for iPhones. It has a great look that many people would love, smoothness and its anti-fingerprint feature is really their best-selling point. The thickness yet still sensitive to the phone’s features is of great quality. And of course, the anti-blue light screen effect that protects our eyes from our gadgets. There are also a lot of other good comments and reviews from other consumers with this product proving that the product really works on how it can protect the screen of your mobile gadget. Using this glass tampered protector assures us that our iPhones are on the safe side. And the best quality that I can think of with this product is actually how affordable it is for the consumers. It gives the best quality for a very reasonable price.

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