Let us look into Airpods Pro CLONE – Review and Price

airpods pro clone review

I have just received information that the first samples of replicas of Apple earpods has arrived in one of the Shenzhen local markets they seem to have been pretty busy with the production of these airpods.

They comes just like that straight from the factory without boxes let’s get one sample and go to review it. Here we go this is one of the first samples airpods pro replica in China let’s unwrap them as we can’t make unboxing today first of all these airports are made to look identical on size as the original Apple Airpods PRO even the inscriptions on them are the same as the original Airpods PRO.

Unfortunately the blue blinking lights are back once again and this is just one of the differences compared to the original Airpods the first generation of airpods were easier to make an copy however airpods pro are much more complex so I don’t think so they will invest so much in this model to make it look 100 percent identical.

It’s just because they will become so much expensive so their price will be close to the original Apple earpods Pro this model is much more expensive compared to the first generation replicas this one starts from $40 for this price you can get decent quality headphones from many other manufacturers making this one a bit ridiculous.

Let’s first test them with an Android phone and see what features they have on Android phones they connect as a standard Bluetooth device with the name of course Airpods PRO so guys they have the same features as the previous generation airports but in the shape of the airpod’s pro DoubleTap will change the song one tap is a pulse and want up and keep pressing for about three seconds will activate the Google assistant they can also work independently you can use only the left or only the right when the other is inside the charging box one more feature which is missing from the original airport pro is the wireless charging on Android phones you can also see the battery percentage now let’s test them with the iPhone.

Lets see what are the differences guys as you can see this is pretty amazing they’re very responsive and act as an original Apple earpods Pro of course my mean is only about the connection with the iPhone I have to mention that this was possible only after the update to the iOS 13 point two which brings support of airport pro this makes me think that they use some kind of chip technology from the original Airpods PRO only this itself is a pretty big achievement.

However with that ends all the similarities with the original Airpods PRO , there is no active noise cancellation or even something close to that as a matter of fact these are one of the world’s sound quality earphone I have ever experienced.

All 40 bucks seem to have gone for making them look similar to the original design everything else is a disaster. To find out more about this we have to look inside this replica so let’s open them and see what kind of high-end technology is hiding inside I am pretty sure you will be amazed say hello to the Robo quad bro first of all I have to say these silicon tips are pretty easy to fall out one more reason you should not buy these earphones you might end in the hospital with the silicon tip stuck inside your ear.

Bestaliproducts.com guys were complaining about how the Apple earpods Pro are impossible to repair and let’s see how repairable or this replicas as you can see there is no glue to stick the two parts of the air phone together they open pretty easily which means they are not water resistant however this is their smallest problem guys check out my new tweezers they make me look very professional I bet I fix it we want one after they watch my video now you are starting to get an idea of the internal parts for sure they look very different than the apples Airpods PRO.

This small yellow thing is the battery here is a comparison with the original Apple earpods Pro parts I think the difference speaks for itself even though the battery looks bigger than the original it can deliver play time for about one and a half hours now check out this solution for the speaker the speaker is attached to the air phone through a small but very powerful magnet this simple design allows easy replacement of the speaker.

Let’s see if I can put all the parts back together and if the air phone will work again properly and yes it was successful everything is working properly I fix it give zero score for repair of the original Airpods PRO.

I give to this replica score ten of ten you can easily replace every part without damaging the air phones that’s it guys I think you should never buy this earphones the sound quality is terrible they’re just made to look like the original but nothing more than that.

Doubt they good quality clone version airpods pro 3 will be out soon. Mean time, do feel free to check out more FAKE AIRPODS PRO REVIEW by Bestchineseproducts.

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