Top 10 Fake Airpods: What You Need to Know!

2020 fake airpods

Today people engage themselves in the various product of technology because they can do their tasks in an easier and faster way. There are many products today created by the power of technology, and one of those is the earphone. People may choose earphones from their different types, and this can be a wireless one or wired headset. Thus, every individual has their preferences in buying, and most of them prefer to buy the wireless one as it is more convenient and effortless to carry, especially when going out. They can freely speak, listen to music, and the best thing about earphones today have their cases and can keep it in a smaller size of bag or pocket.

What is the Best AirPod Today?

Rumor has it that Apple AirPods are the top-rated and arguably the best product ever in this generation. It comes first and the most popular wireless earbuds in the market to date. But, as what happens with quality is the price range, their AirPods aren’t cheap. Chances are, you might get an AirPod and have to pay that much; otherwise, there are other options out there that you can choose instead. Fake or the knockoff airpods are selling for a fraction of their regular price practically perfect as an alternative for the Apple items. So if you are thinking of getting the best cheap airpods in AliExpress, here are some things you should look for.

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Various Fake Airpods to Check Out

fake airpods

1. Bluetooth earphone with Mic Charging pods i500 TWS

This kind of earphone will always give you convenience in listening to the music that you want, calling someone with a clear sound to your ear. This air pod is wireless, which means that you can always carry and just a little time to consume using this. Just like with the other earphone that can be found online, android users can only be the ones who can enjoy the excellent quality. 

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2. i7s Tws Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Air Earphone

People who are iPhone users can always have this wireless earphone, and it is not an extraordinary one. For you to use it, you need to long-press both of the earphones. This would give you a clear voice of someone you are talking to, and you can hear all the great music you love with a clear sound and in high quality. The appearance of the wireless earphone is for all gender as it has a unique yet simple design. The good thing about this product is you can charge your earphone to its own case- which is very convenient.

3. i9s Wireless Bluetooth earphone sports Bluetooth Headset For Android IOS phone air i10 i12 i7s two Headphones with Mic pods.

This earphone has excellent features, including the charging box, which enables every user to use it for almost 2-3 hours. Anyone who loves coming to the gym can always use this kind of earphone, as it has a design that suits your standard in getting a headset to use in listening to music while running, walking, and other outdoor activities. It is designed for people who always love listening to music or calling someone when having extreme events.

4. i7s Tws Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphones Air Earbuds Sport Handsfree Headset with Charging Box For Apple iPhone Xiaomi.  

This earphone has two modes of design which bring a very good bass sound. It is one of the most popular wireless earphones which has a very good feature and a charging box, for you to have an extra life of the battery to use when leaving your home. This is very easy to use by anyone and works perfectly with a comfortable feeling. 

5. i9000 Tws 1:1 Air 2 3 AP2 Smart Sensor Earbuds Black Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Pk Chip Max pro-Pods Blair.

Some earphones today have their charging box, but you will need a wire to connect, but this smart sensor you can charge the device wirelessly. It also has a two-way mode design, which you can use in more accessible and to give you the best sound you would wish to have.

6. i7s Tws Bluetooth Earphones Sport Handsfree Earphone Headphone With Charging Pods for iPhone Android Air Wireless Earbuds.

There are different colors that you can buy with this earphone, and you can always choose the best color for you. It has a great feature of noise cancellation, so you can use this anywhere you want. You can still use this in calling someone, listen to music, and it has a 5.0 Bluetooth length for your convenience.

7. i7s TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Headphones Stereo Earbuds For iPhone Xiaomi HUAWEI Samsung Android Smart Phone.

This earphone fits every android and iPhone users, which has a 10-meter Bluetooth distance. It has a feature of the box charging, which can store five battery life and 15 hours Extention. The design of this earphone is very comfy, and it is lightweight. You can use this for talking to someone for 2-3 hours and music for almost 4 hours, as well.

8. Hot Sell NAIKU i9s TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Earbud Headset With Charging Box Mic For All Smartphone.

This kind of earphone uplifts the technology even more as it has its feature of automatic pairing to every open Bluetooth. Lightweight to use and carry for it is having a small size, suitable for traveling and doing gym activities. These earphones can deliver the great sound coming from a call, music, and even when playing. It has an automatic kind or charger that you can use up to 5 hours to consume.

9. TWS Mini i9s TWS Bluetooth Headsets Earbuds Wireless Earphone Headphones Earpiece For Original iPhone Ear Pk i7 TWS.  

This model has a feature of fast charging and with the 10-15 meter of distance straight. It is one of the best earphones as it is fast charging to its charger box. You can always connect it to your phone, and receive a call with an HD sound. You can use this for some time of 2-3 hours and restart in a while, for it has a life extension battery.

10. Wireless Headset Bluetooth Earphones i9s Tws pk i12 Tws Handsfree Earbud for Xiaomi apple with Charging pod Gaming on an airplane.

Getting the best quality of sound in the plane is hard, so this headset is ready to use for individual who loves to play on the aircraft. It has an automatic pairing feature, fast charging, and its battery is a polymer lithium battery- which offers a long hour to use the device. 


There are a lot of chinese earphones that people may use and would buy according to their preferences. Yet, regardless of the market condition, choose the brands which produce excellent products. Thus, purchasing a new earphone needs to be censorious in many ways, especially that this is being attached to one of the most sensitive parts of our face, which are the ears. 

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