Top 10 Mac Style Keyboards for PC

mac style keyboard review

Mac keyboards that are always used by Mac desktop is actually just one out of many options that are available to you, in case you want to try out a keyboard for your PC. These keyboards come in the true Mac style but for a reasonable price and delivers high functionality to you.

Best Mac Style Keyboards for PC

Keyboards from Amazon

#1 – Rii RK907 Ultra-Slim Compact USB Wired Keyboard for Mac and PC 

It comes to you at an unbeatable price. It has great finishing. Easy to type on due to its design of being adequately well spread. Though it’s a thin keyboard, it is available as wired keyboard. It is also available in low-profile so does not make all that noise. The plug and play USB is a great option since you do not have to worry of running out on battery power. It does have the impressive Mac like feeling on appearance.

Price: $8.99

#2 – Anker Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

A good budget buy. This stylish keyboard is ideal for your PC. The sleek design will remind you of a mac style keyboard. The ultra thin compact keyboard is ideal for anyone who needs to type for hours. Or spend considerable time on keyboard. It has the quiet feature and is low profile. It is intuitive, it can automatically connect to last connected device. Runs on bluetooth, it has great battery life.

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Will easily last you for 5 to 6 months on single recharge. It even has power saving mode and goes to sleep after thirty minutes of inactivity.

Price: $23.99

#3 – Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard (Preferred)

A very smart looking keyboard that can be easily connected to your PC. It looks great and comes in black color. This stylish keyboard is clearly and crisply designed with great finishing at the edges like the ones you get on Mac style keyboards. It is compatible with almost all system but offers limited compatibility for Mac users. The amazing backlight is a great feature. Even in dimly lit room you can easily navigate through this keyboard with no problem. Charging is hassle free and the charge lasts for a reasonable period depending on usage.

#4 – Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard

It is one of the best and most well-designed keyboard that is available for the most suitable price in the market. The slim design gives a great appeal to your PC but the comfort quotient does not get compromised. It has a responsive feel to it. There are even dedicated media keys on the keyboard. The scissor style keys are convenient to type on and keeps the low-profile without making unnecessary sound. The stand lets you mange the angle for about 30 degrees. It has full 6 rows of keyboard.

Price: $24.99

#5 – HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

A great looking keyboard, perfect for your PC is an offering from HP. Apart from the great design and functionality, this keyboard comes at a very reasonable price. You can change the keyboard height to suit your requirement. The Mac styled keyboard is low-profile and designed to keep the dirt away. It is a full-sized keyboard with dedicated hot keys. It also has great battery life. This sleek looking thin keyboard is a great addition to your PC. It does not give your work desk the cluttered feel as it is wireless and runs on AAA batteries.  

Price: $37.92

Keyboards from Aliexpress

#6 – Zienstar Ultra Slim Wireless Bluetooth KEYBOARD

Mac Style Keyboards for PC

A minimum price keyboard that has great looks and serves all the required functions of a keyboard for PC. The thin and slim look makes the keyboard extremely fashionable. It has an aluminium bottom. The keyboard has a slope upwards to ease typing. The color of the keys and the keyboard is specifically seamless giving it a sophisticated finish which is seen in Mac keyboards. It supports Bluetooth connectivity. It supports up to 55 to 70 hours of work on the keyboard on single charge. It also supports multiple languages.

#7 – METOO Mini Keyboard Ultra Slim 

slim keyboard aliexpress

What an absolutely great keyboard that comes at an unbelievable price. It has a stylish appeal. It has got the 78 key version. The super slim and light keyboard is sure to remind you of a mac keyboard. The keyboard can be conveniently used for not just your PC but with many other device. It supports USB connection of plug and play. Being designed in a compact way, it will perfectly match your desk setting for your PC. It is even suitable for gaming as well as long duration work on the keyboard.

#8 – Rapoo Black Ultra-Thin for Gaming PC (Preferred)

best keyboard aliexpress

The black finish of the keyboard gives it a very pricey look, however it comes for a very affordable price. The metallic look of the keyboard resembles that of a Mac keyboard and the thin appearance is great for PC use. the keys are well paced and offers silent typing. Perfect for anyone who uses keyboard for long durations.

#9 – Neo Star Ultra Slim Wireless 

ultra slim mac style keyboard

This beautiful Mac keyboard lookalike product not only comes for a very reasonable price but it also brings along with it a mouse. It is available in a wide range of colors. Suitable for your PC requirements. It supports three languages Russian, French and English. Well-paced keys that allows typing without making much sound.  The metallic like finishing lends the keyboard a very appealing look.

#10 – KuWFi New Keyboard Ultra Thin 

mac style keyboard aliexpress

This is the cheapest keyboard that you can get for your PC. It has a very aesthetic design, much similar to what Apple has to offer. The keyboard is low-profile, easily connectable to your device. It comes with 78 keys. It is offered in two colors of black and white. It is quite a sturdy keyboard which supports comfort of typing.

Price: $9.24

Buying Mac Alike Keyboard from Amazon or Aliexpress?

Amazon or Aliexpress? Here is a writeup this site has done some time ago. Each allows free shipping and each portal are superb competitive. If you are on a budget go for the ones at Aliexpress. If budget allows, Amazon has some of the best brands in the market.

Getting a Mac styled keyboard for a lesser price may have seemed to be an issue for you earlier. But, now that you have an idea of which keyboards to look for, try out these keyboards for the look and great functioning that it has to offer, all for a great price.  

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